English Spoken Classes

We strive to provide highest quality of communication skills bridging you success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.


A place to learn and grow together

INDOACADEMY is one of the leading institutes in GZB. We have a team of highly equipped and experienced mentors who part their skills here with a magnanimous way. We have a glorious history of training more than 5,000 students in last 14 years. We do provide training sessions for Companies,
Colleges and Schools. We have a glorious history of 14 years and thousands of satisfying people.

Our Specialization

  • Exam Oriented Preparation
  • Maximum Number of Classes
  • Small Batch Size
  • Personal Attention
  • Test Series
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • High Quality Infrastructure
  • Full Course Coverage
  • Unlimited Doubts Session
  • Revision Classes
  • Performance Tracking
  • 7 Days Classes

Why Chose us

Expert & Trained Faculty

Every teacher is trained and certified on the INDO ACADEMY methodology of teaching language. We have handpicked trainers who have in depth experience of teaching English and can handle students across age groups. Friendliness, approachability and patience are characteristics embodied by our trainers. They spend time in understanding your needs right at the onset of the course and offer a learning path which is best suited to you.

Speak Right with Technology Aided Learning

Our interactive technology will help you work on your pronunciation related challenges apart from allowing you to record and review your spoken English practice. Group activities lead you to the good accent and fluency. To further facilitate the experience in the class room we have LED and other modern Facilities .

Focus on Communication

We focus on helping you speak correct English in daily life situations. Correct pronunciation, vocabulary enhancement, awareness of commonly used idioms/phrases, identification of commonly made grammar mistakes; are some areas which we will focus on and you will continuously practice at INDO ACADEMY. The more you practice, the better you will get at it. English will become a habit.

Fun and Interactive Learning

Every concept is learnt and experienced with the help of fun activities and games. You will participate in role plays, games, exercises, and mock runs which will help you apply what you have learnt. You will stay motivated with varied, lively approaches to English used in real life situations.

Group Learning

You will get to practice everything, with other students in your batch. Small batches of 10-12 students will ensure that you get the required focus. We also offer customized batches where you can learn and practice English with a teacher one-on-one or in smaller groups of 2-3.

Continuous feedback on improvement

At INDO ACADEMY, your mistakes are your learning moments. Regular tests help us to accurately track your progress and focus on areas which need extra practice. We have an unlimited repository of assignments and activities carefully crafted to promote language learning. Should you need more time, we will also provide you with extra hours to help you reach the desired level.

Mr. Dinesh Bhati laid the foundation stone of INDO ACADEMY. He has trained more than 5000+ people in different cities over more than 14 years. English as a spoken language is perhaps the most widely respected language and has gained the class & status unparalleled by any other language in the world. In countries like India, quality and fluency of English is considered a guaranteed success for making one`s career. Here at INDO ACADEMY we the professionals are committed to bring excellence in making English a simple spoken language for every day use. We have a vast experience of 14 years . The results of our success can be measured through the number of our quality language centers and lakhs of satisfied students. Within a decade of our inception in 1991, we have swept across most of the northern India and have opened a number of AIEL centers, spread over 9 states of the country presently.

Mr Dinesh Bhatti

Founder of IndoAcademy

Course Offering

300 hr
Learners will undergo 3 Program levels of 4 months each. Example: a learner, who joins at Elementary level,will go through Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels in this program.
200 hr
Learners will undergo 2 Program levels of 4 months each. Example: a learner, who joins at Elementary level,will go through Elementary and Intermediate levels in this program.
100 hr
Learners will undrergo 1 Program level of 4 months. Example: a learner, who joins at Elementary level, will complete this level and will be ready to move up to the next level.

Our Testimonials

“IndoAcademy is undoubtedly the best spoken classes in India for it’s commitment and responsibility towards students.”



“What I am today is because of the IndoAcademy. The teachers are very helpful and committed towards students.”



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